What comes to your mind when you think of the word ‘Volume’?

The word has different meanings in different contexts. It has its own significance for various scenarios. For an author or publisher it is a collection of written or printed sheets that are bound together to form a book. Both the author and the publisher eagerly await the response of the readers once it is published. While thinking about the authors and the volumes of their written material the incidence in the life of great worldly Saint Tukaram comes to my mind.

He had written loads of words and poems with his shear intelligence and creativity. However the people who used to hate him and curse him brought him down to the situation wherein he had to immerse his written volumes in the river Indrayani. It is believed that his devotion and sincerity was so deep that the river Goddess herself gave the volumes back to him in original condition. The old movie based on his life shows this in a very emotional scene.

This sounds unrealistic. The actual meaning that can be deciphered from the incidence is that though he immersed his written text in river, his followers had recited his writing so well that they themselves brought that writing back to life. The new movie shows this scene in an emphatic way.

For the artists from the Music Industry, volume relates to different albums or other musical creations that they produce. Geet Ramayan is such a musical piece in Marathi music that is available in volumes and each volume is simply great! The words, the music and the compositions are truly beyond imagination of a common man yet they are so simple and melodious for everyone. 

In case of magazines, each month has a new volume. For the creative team behind the magazine it must always be an exciting time at the time of release every month. Equally it must be exciting for the readers to wait for new volume every month. There are many magazines around the world which publish new volume every month. The journey that of production of these volumes must be exciting for the people who work on that.

Historically, a volume used to be a roll of papyrus, parchment or of manuscript. That was the way of written communication at those times.

Volume also means the amount of space that an object occupies. This reminds of a story that I used to listen during my childhood days. It was about a trader and his three sons. The story goes something like this: a trader once calls his three sons and tells them that he would want to go to pilgrimage. However before leaving for the journey he would like to handover his business to the smartest of the sons. To identify the smartest son he gives them a challenge in which they are supposed to fill a room without leaving much space in it.

The eldest son thinks about that and fills the room with haystacks. The second one does that with cotton. The youngest was the smartest among them all. He just lights the scented stick and places it in a corner. The fragrant smoke of that stick fills the entire room. Naturally the trader gets impressed by the wisdom shown by the youngest son and hands over the business to him before leaving. The story certainly speaks volumes about how intelligent one can be.

In business, the volume relates to the total or aggregate of something say for example sales volume, business volume etc. Any businessman wants to increase the sales volume with minimum efforts and cost to increase the profitability.

Volume also is related to the intensity or loudness of sound. We all use volume control in the audio players, mobiles or any other gadgets that produces sound. It is one of the essential features that the gadget has. Just imagine a situation wherein there is no volume control! The world be a chaotic place and difficult to live in. However some people prefer to hear the sound at high volume.

Fullness or quantity of tone is another meaning of volume. In my opinion this meaning of volume should be related to the volume of inner voice. It is essential that one listens to his or her inner voice at proper volume. The monologue should be audible enough as it impacts one’s life quite a lot. The volume of inner voice should be appropriate so that the volume of mind is filled with peace and happiness and with such stable and calm mind the creativity can boost up to produce the volumes of books or music!